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Mark Hahn Race

The 2020 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile Race is coming - be there on Feb 22! 

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LB2CAT, The Long Beach to Catalina And Back Race

The Grand-daddy Of All US Offshore Races!   

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The best of the best in offshore / endurance racing.  These retired racers were nominated and selected to be part of the elite of the elite  

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The majestic Queen Mary at the South Shores ramp in Long Beach, CA USA

LB2CAT Race is coming - Sept, 2019, be there!

The Long Beach to Catalina and Back offshore race aka The LB2CAT by RPM Racing Enterprises 

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Feb 22, 2020, The Mark Hahn 300 Mile JetSki Race at Lake Havasu City AZ for the best of pwc racing - Be there! 

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Current articles and from years past regarding offshore and endurance racing  


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Retired Racer Nominated for The PWCOFFSHORE Hall of Fame!

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LB2CAT, The iconic race across the Long Beach to Catalina Channel   



Who we are

PWCOFFSHORE is a group of global racers and riders who have been passionate offshore racers and riders for over twenty years.   Our PWCoffshore Team athletes have years of experience in endurance racing and offshore PWC riding. A few have also completed marathons and other crossover sports. We are not limited to a finite group of riders! We solicit feedback from all offshore US National and International riders and consolidate their feedback on this site. Have you differentiated yourself in offshore or endurance riding? If so, then we want your tips, input and feedback! Collectively our knowledge and experience will continue to inspire others and invest in the future of offshore and endurance riding. Please join us on this adventure! Our original group of pioneering riders have challenged the Pacific Ocean waters year round in variable weather and water conditions. These collective experiences have made our group of aggressive offshore riders extremely effective endurance and offshore pilots. We have made hundreds of successful, fast and safe runs to Santa Catalina Island and back to the mainland due to our focused training and practices. Mark Gerner of PWCOFFSHORE has completed the Long Beach to Catalina run in excess of 1000 times. John Belton, 2000 round trips. Each transit is approximately 57 miles roundtrip into open Pacific waters in one of the most dangerous channel crossings in the world. Our team trains year round.  Our personal apparel is proven through grueling trials, we understand function and reliability better than any other type of riders. We are highly tuned into the unique characteristics of our Personal Watercraft hull configurations, pump set ups and horsepower capabilities, matched with WOT applications! (Wide Open Throttle). Our team has tuned their offshore race boats for intense conditions, and we run our boats in the harshest ocean waters. This approach to extreme PWC riding enables us to focus on successful outings and a strong competitive presence. The equipment we use is the fastest and most reliable PWC's and accessories currently on the market, we depend upon our gear. We operate in the harshest ocean conditions requiring a completely different approach to maintenance, racing and endurance riding & offshore racing. If our riding methodology and gear makes it in this environment, it will likely do well in standard riding conditions. Welcome to our site! We want to hear from you!  


 PWCOFFSHORE.com is part of PWCOFFSHORE Watercraft Racing and Promotions, Inc.  


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Global - LB2CAT Launch is South Shores Launch Ramp, 501-699 Queensway Dr, Long Beach, California 90802, United States l -


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