The LB2CAT, The Long Beach to Catalina and Back JetSki Race

RPM Racing presents 57 Miles Round Trip to Avalon and Back (Scroll down for photos and videos!)

July 7, 2019 at the South Shores ramp in Long Beach, CA USA 


2018:  Mike Klippenstein, YAMAHA SVHO Turbo

2017:  Cyrille Lemoine, YAMAHA GP 1800    

2016: Mike Klippenstein, YAMAHA SVHO Turbo
2015: Craig Warner, ULTRA 310R KAWASAKI (6th Title) 51 Mins, 52 Seconds (Record Time)  
 2014: Craig Warner, ULTRA 310R KAWASAKI (5th Title - all time leader!)
 2013: Craig Warner, ULTRA 300X, KAWASAKI (4th Title)
2012:  Craig Warner, ULTRA300X, KAWASAKI 
2011: Tom Phan, ULTRA300X, KAWASAKI 
2010: Kim Bushong, ULTRA250X, KAWASAKI 
2009: Craig Warner, ULTRA260X, KAWASAKI 
2008:  Craig Warner, ULTRA250X, KAWASAKI 
2007:  Nick Vanis, RXT 54:38 (min), SEADOO 
2006:  Pat Roque, RXP 53:29, SEADOO 
2004:  John Anick, RXT of Vanick Racing 68:00, SEADOO 
2003: Doug Brown, SEADOO GTX 
2002:  Chris Macclugage, KAWASAKI  
2001:  Billy Womack POLARIS (4 Titles)
2000:  Billy Womack POLARIS
1999:  Billy Womack, POLARIS 
1998:  Mark Dobson, YAMAHA 
1997:  Billy Womack, POLARIS 
1996:  Brian Hanhart, YAMAHA 
1995:  Victor Sheldon, KAWASAKI 
1994:  Scott Watkins, YAMAHA 

Top Three Record LB2CAT Times - Queen Mary Start Finish Line
1.  *2015 - 51:21 by Craig Warner, Kawasaki ULTRA 310R Turbo, USA
2. 2015 - 51:52 by Mark Gerner, Kawasaki ULTRA 310R Turbo, USA 
3. 2006 - 54:32 Pat Roque SeaDoo RXP, USA

Manufacture's LB2CAT Overall Win Count, Kawasaki still has the most championships):
Kawasaki: 10
Polaris: 4
Yamaha: 6  
SeaDoo: 3
Honda: 0 



The Long Beach To Catalina and Back Race 

2016 LB2CAT Race

Race overview! 

Gerner at 2008 LB to Catalina Race

Just prior to the race Gerner selects his 78 mph flat water SeaDoo craft vs his rough water craft - sea state changes at last minute (wrong boat!), Gerner forced to work the tray and even sit to keep boat in water (RXT has a 2 degree wedge designed for flat water!).  Watch what happens 15 miles offshore.     

LB2CAT Teaser Video