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2011 Kawasaki ULTRA Turbo new build BEST OFFER


 2011 (hull) Kawasaki ULTRA Turbo new build.  Second fastest time in the history of the Long Beach to Catalina and back race!  
best offer
located one hour south of Los Angeles, CA USA

quick fill adaptor
motec m400 ecu
dual 280lph fuel pumps
riva, stainless valves,
ape valve springs
ape adjustable cam gears
r&d modified turbo system with tial wastegate and borg warner turbo
tbm high rise offshore steering system and renthal bars
garrett intercooler
r&d intake grate
r&d ride plate
custom impeller
custom steering nozzle
forged rods and pistons
hydro turf
TBM base for handlebars
71 low boost / hi boost 76 depending on conditions
This is the craft with the second fastest time in the history of the LB2CAT Race (rebuilt since then) 

2014 Yamaha SVHO Turbo new build BEST OFFER


 2014 Yamaha SVHO Turbo new build.
email  if interested
location, orange county california USA / one hour south of Los Angeles, CA

offshore front aux tank.
Hi rise offshore adaptor for steering and renthal fat bars.
dual quick fill fueling necks / pump cover.
dual 280 lph fuel pumps.
Motec m130 racing programmable ecu
Boosted performance turbo system with garrett turbo, tial wastegate and blowoff valve, Garrett 750hp intercooler
core and cast tanks.
mocal oil cooler and oil accumulator
Engine has custom cnc block guard and cooling plates.
molnar racing rods.
1000cc injectors and external fuel regulator
cp pistons
rd racing valve springs
ape cam gears
arp head studs
kawasaki style drive system
R&d sponsons, and intake grate.
custom pitch impeller
Custom race seat
Hydro turf
hi boost minimum 85 minimum low boost 80 

2007 250X ECU with key


email - stock 250X ECU 

Manifold for ULTRA 300


email  best offer 

Galvanized Double PWC Trailer


Galvanized - upgraded with walking boards and extra storage.  1250.00 email if interested 

2015 Kawasaki ULTRA 310R


92 hours - four hours on brand new head and valves - zero hours on brand new bottom end!!  9499.00 


Red heads for quick fill


5 gallon quick fill jugs with red head - best offer, want to give good deal to fellow racers email if interested 

10 gallon quick fill jug with red head


multiple in stock - pre-owned and used   best offer, want to give good deal to fellow racers email if interested  

quick fill cans mobile cart carrier


  best offer, want to give good deal to fellow racers email if interested  

quick fill can stands BEST OFFER


standup jetski stand


XL Yamaha branded lifevest


  best offer, want to give good deal to fellow racers email if interested  

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Large, high touring seat for Kaw 260, 300 and 310


custom high seat that is about 9 inches HIGHER for touring... email 

custom aluminum three five gallon carrier with gas containers


Best offer.  For kawasaki ultra 260, 300, 310 only - custom built for the kawasaki ULTRA platform - email  

2008 - 2014 LB2CAT Race DVDs!!


24.99 each plus shipping email  

PWCOFFSHORE winter jacket


Winter Jacket, custom embroidering - $199.99 US includes shipping in the continental US email if interested   - PWCOFFSHORE Hats are $29.00 black with white stitching - includes shipping in the continental US 

Catch Cans for Kawasaki ULTRAs email pic coming


Star Bars


More for sale

Large tall custom touring seat for Kawasaki ULTRA


custom seat RISES the seat at least 10 inches - custom taller / higher riding position.  Email for more information  

Three 5 gallon custom aluminum fuel carrier for Kawasaki ULTRA


  Email for more information - custom built for the Kawasaki ULTRA platform    

2008 - 2014 LB2CAT DVDs


  Email for more information   -  24.99 plus shipping for each DVD.  

KAW 310 R Intake Grate Stock

100.00 plus shipping -   Email for more information   -  FOR Kawasaki 2009 - 2019

KAW Catch Cans


BEST OFFER   Email for more information   

R&D intake grate for 2009 - 2019 KAW ULTRA


Pic coming soon - no bolts included   Email for more information