The Ten Commandments Of Offshore

Never break these, never

The 10 Commandments of Offshore Racing/Riding

1.  When you train in the ocean, always have a wing-man (second rider to watch over you and you watch over him/her) SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST

2.  NEVER leave your wing man - NEVER LEAVE YOUR WING MAN, EVER

3.  If you win a race, win with class.  If you lose a race, lose with class.  Treat your fellow offshore racers with dignity and respect.  No drama.

4.  Never intentionally compromise the safety of any fellow racer or rider, never.

5.  Keep your head on a spindle while riding or racing, look left, right, left, right.  Things happen quickly at 40, 50, 60, 70 miles per hour.  Always maintain situational awareness.  

6.  After the race is complete, if you have a protest, follow the rules for escalation.  Be respectful and accept the promoter's decision with professionalism and move on, good bad or indifferent.

7.  Always wear the appropriate safety gear for riding in the ocean.  This includes a sea worthy craft. Flight checks i.e. do the "walk around" your craft prior to every ride (check the craft in great detail). 

8.  Have the appropriate navigation and communications equipment on your body and craft at all times, even if the conditions appear to be mild.  File a float plan. 

9.  Understand that it is all about hookup

10.  Never attempt to predict sea state, the ocean can and will change very quickly.  This includes the presentation of fog unexpectedly.  Be prepared for all contingency plans.