Lats and Longs

For reference, ensure you buy your own charts and validate

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SoCal Latitudes and Longitudes:

Reference Only Note that these are Southern California Lat and Longs taken directly from the charts, this means unless it says "entrance" the main buoys are likely a few nautical mile off shore. We suggest that once you get there, you GPS mark and save a location closer into the harbor entrance. This information is for reference only, please confirm accuracy of these latitude & longitude numbers on your own prior to offshore riding. We recommend you purchase your own maritime navigation chart and use that chart as your primary lat/long reference.

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Santa Barbara: N34-24.07 W119-40.76

Ventura Harbor: N34-14.45, W119-16.74 

Port Hueneme F1Horn/Channel Islands Harbor: N34-09.27 W119-13.82 

Long Beach Main Buoy: N33-41.40, W118-11.01 

Catalina Avalon Bay: N33-20.80, W118-19.36 

Catalina Isthmus Cove: N33-27.43, W118-29.42

Backside (West/Pacific-side) of Two Harbors on Catalina: N33 25.33, W118 30.51 

Corona Del Mar/Newport Beach: N33-35.06, W117-52.69 

Dana Point: N33-27.26, W117-41.49 (Actual entrance) 

Redondo Beach: N33-50.36, W118-23.79 

Marina Del Rey: N33-57.50, W118-27.63 (South Entrance) 

Marina Del Rey: N33-57.81, W118-27.86 (North Entrance) 

Point Dume: N33-59.61, W118-48.29 

Oceanside Harbor: N33-12.10, W117-24.49

Mission Bay Entrance (San Diego): N32-45.47, W117-15.79

San Clemente Island (South Side): N32-47.39, W118-22.00 (Naval Reservation/closed to public/Danger Area).

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